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Shanghai grants environmwhere can i get wristbandsental assessment exemption for specified projects wherecanigetwristbands

Shanghai grants environmwhere can i get wristbandsental assessment exemption for specified projects

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    SHANGHAI - Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment recently granted environmental impact assessment (EIA) exemptions for specified construction projects in an effort to improve the city"s business environment.

    The bureau made public the categories of projects that no longer need environmental impact assessment, covering projects concerning industries, social services, infrastructure and environmental governance.

    Industrial constructions with simple manufacturing processes and minor pollution risks can be exempted from an EIA, such as food, textiles and garment manufacturing, and grain processing.

    Social service projects providing special services and with less pollution, such as storage, logistics, restaurants and cafes producing no cooking fumes and schools, are on the exemption list.

    Urban infrastructure projects including road building, footwalk greening projects and irrigation and water conservancy projects will also be free from assessment. Environmental protection supporting facilities are also listed.

    "As part of the municipal government"s efforts to optimize the business environment, the new regulation is able to simplify enterprises" approval procedure," said Yu Feilin, an official of the bureau.

    "However, it doesn"t mean that companies can shoulder no responsibility for environmental protection," Yu added, stressing that units undertaking projects should abide by the laws and regulations of environmental protection, meet emission standards and accept routine supervision and management.

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